Other Terms and Conditions:

  • All listed Partners listed on the Housing Edge services Page for Property Management will be termed as "Housing Partners" or "Partners".
  • Housing Partners shall be solely responsible for any guarantee/warranty related to the products/services provided by it to the customers. 
  • Customer expressly permits Housing.com to share his/her contact details with the third parties for the purpose of availing the desired services.
  • The customer must independently verify the rates and service quality along with the credentials of Partners before obtaining any services from them.
  • The Customer shall independently enter into any discussions with our Partners for availing their Property Management services and Housing.com shall not be a party to their discussions. 
  • The customer is responsible for providing the requisite details/documents to Housing Partners for managing his/her property. Housing.com shall not be held responsible in any manner for the transactions/communications taking between the customer and Partners or any third parties.
  • Housing.com shall not be liable for any liabilities to any party arising out of work or services performed by Partners. 
  • Housing.com shall not be liable for any claims arising due to the Promotional Offers provided by Partners. 
  • Housing.com shall not be responsible for any payment to be made by the customer to Partners and vice-versa. Housing.com shall not be liable in case of any defaults of either the customer or Partners. 

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