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Frequently asked questions

  • How can estimate the value of my property? has an exhaustive list of properties and based on extensive research and data mining, the Property Valuation tool is designed to give you the right estimate of the property. The valuation depends on specific parameters. If you are someone looking to buy or sell a property, look no further than to know the correct value of the property. Remember, when you list your property at the right value, there are higher chances of closing the deal faster.

  • Will I be able to check the value of a unit in a project or locality?

    Yes, you can check the value of a property in a certain project as well as the worth of a property in a certain locality. Property Valuation tool is designed to cater to all your valuation-related queries. 

  • Can I use Property Valuation tool for free?

    Absolutely! We want all our users to benefit from the Property Valuation tool and therefore you can use it at no cost. Simply enter the details of the property like property type, area and locality and get approximate value of the property within seconds.

  • Will I need to register on to use the Property Valuation tool?

    Not at all. The Property Valuation tool is free and open for all. Any new user will be able to use it. 

  • Is the valuation accurate?

    Our valuation is accurate because it is based on specific parameters that affect property prices. However, there may be minor variations depending on factors like age of the building, quality of interiors, renovation and remodelling, etc.

  • Will I be able to estimate the value of a plot or a villa too?

    Why not! The Property Valuation tool is designed to help you estimate the cost of apartments, plot, independent houses, villas etc.

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