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MYSUN is one of India’s largest online rooftop solar companies with more than 100,000 registered users and operating in 10 states in India. MYSUN offers easy and attractive financing options suitable for home owners.



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"Going solar was a fantastic decision. I have been able to save about 70% of my monthly electricity bill cost and the investment is already paying back. In MYSUN, I found the right solar partners, who held my hand throughout this journey without ever compromising on the quality. Even today, a few months post installing, they are just a phone call away for all my queries”

Sushil Sharma

“The main reason to go solar was to ensure my electricity bill comes down in my house and also to add to the solar output of the country. I was already considering solar when I got introduced to MYSUN. My journey with them has been technical and smooth and I have already spoken to many people to contribute to the solar effort and support the Government initiatives.”


“My journey of going solar with MYSUN has been terrific and I save special compliments for their solar advisors. They took a lot of time and effort to explain every step in detail and gave me a bouquet of options to choose from. I chose a 3-year financing plan and I actually felt very comfortable taking this decision. I have been since then, been consistently saving on my electricity bill and that has me really happy.”

Ms Deepti Garg



Frequently asked questions about Home Interiors

  • What is a Solar PV System and how does it work?

    PV, short for Photovoltaic, derives its name from the process of converting light (‘photo’) directly into electricity (‘voltaic’). Simply put, a Solar PV system is a power station that generates electricity from sunlight.

  • Does a Solar PV system produce same energy output throughout the day?

    Since Solar PV works on the basis of the intensity of sunlight it gets, your solar system typically wakes up at around 6am in the morning and goes to sleep at about 6 or 7pm in the evening.

  • What factors are important to consider when planning to go solar?

    When planning to go solar, it is important to consider: How much of your energy needs can you meet with solar? How much can you save by going solar? Do you have enough shadow-free space (land or roof)? How much do you want to invest in your solar PV system?

  • Can solar be my sole energy source?

    Technically speaking, yes, if batteries are used. But practically, if grid power is available, then it is recommended to use solar in combination with grid to optimize costs. 

  • What is the life and reliability of a Solar PV System?

    A PV system that is designed, installed, and maintained well will operate for 25 years or even more than 25 years.

  • Is solar power cheaper than grid power?

    Yes, solar power today is much cheaper than grid power for a lot of consumer categories across most states.

  • How much time does it take to install a solar PV system?

    It takes about 2-4 weeks to install a smaller residential solar system and about 4-8 weeks for larger systems.

  • Will my roof be able to bear the weight of a Solar PV system?

    A Solar PV system generally weighs 15 to 20 Kg per square meter. This weight can be easily borne by most roofs.

  • What are my financing options?

    MYSUN Customers can choose to pay in easy installments over 12-36 months.

  • What will be my payback period & ROI?

    The payback can be as low as 3 years depending on user’s existing grid charges. For more accurate assessment please run the MYSUN Solar Calculator

  •  What is net metering?

    Net metering is a billing mechanism which allows you to sell excess (unconsumed) solar power generated by your solar system to the DISCOM.

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